Who are we?

Passionate about the mountains and skiing, in 2007 we created a ski equipment rental site that worked very well.
Our company was quickly expanding when the phone rang one day...

The story of Simply To Ski

Skiing and mountain enthusiasts, in 2007 we created a traditional ski equipment rental site which was working very well. Like many of our competitors, we offered a different price for each range of ski. Our company was booming when the phone rang:

Logo Travelfactory

- Laurence: "Hello ... I'm on your site and I don't understand anything ... I should choose what as material? What is the difference between the Red range and the Sensation pack? Otherwise, I take the Premium ... Is it better the Black range or the Premium? "

On January 14, 2009 , Laurence opened our eyes: Ski rental by internet was complicated! The choice of ski range was a real difficulty.

January 15, 2009 , summit meeting:

- Thomas: " Everything must be changed. There are too many ranges ... too many technical details ... Too many of everything! It has to be simple! We have to find a simple system »

- Olivier: " The customer should be able to reserve his equipment on the site and once in the resort, he could choose his skis in the store. He would explain his level of skiing and there, depending on his needs and his morphology, the store would give him the appropriate equipment "

- Lucie: " Ok, but the customer must not pay more. You have to make a single price. That all ranges of skis are at the same price! No supplement for beginners, average or very good skiers "

We therefore took the initiative to create a new website with the concept: A single price for all ski ranges, no matter of skier’s level.

This is how, at the dawn of the 2014-2015 season, was born:

 Logo Simply To Ski

And why stop there?

While thinking about the creation of this new concept, the phone rang again…

- Stéphane: "Hello ... Tell me, do you have any plans for ski passes? We have to leave next week but we can't find any discounts on the internet? Do you know a site? "

February 13, 2014 , at the coffee machine:

- Thomas: "I had a friend on the phone yesterday. He was having trouble finding good deals for packages. Wouldn't it be nice if we did that too? "

- Olivier: “Why not. We would offer Skipass for all stations, right? "

- Lucie: "Yes and we can even make a package with the ski pass and ski rental. It would be easier to buy everything in one place, wouldn't it? »

- Thomas: “Very good, but on that account, we also offer grocery delivery and ESF lessons. All the services available in the resort will be grouped together on a single website! "

There you go how The Simply To Ski Pack was born !

Package Simply To Ski

And the adventure continues…

In 2018, the Travelfactory group of which we are a part integrated the big house, La Compagnie des Alpes. European leader in leisure activities, CDA operates the largest French alpine ski resorts (La Plagne, Les Arcs, Tignes, Serre-Chevalier, etc.) and leisure parks in Europe with a strong identity (Parc Astérix, Futuroscope, Walibi. ..).

Thanks to its acquisition, Compagnie des Alpes intends to improve its digital distribution of stays, access a younger clientele, particularly students, and improve its digital expertise .

Logo CDA

Our goal?

To offer you all the services necessary for the smooth running of your stay in the resort and at the best price!

Our strengths?

- 100% French company, based entirely in France.

- Our availability and responsiveness: We get back to you in less time than it takes to tell.

- Our passion for skiing (and snowboarding… well anything that slips on snow!)

Our dream?

Make skiing accessible to as many people as possible and get 100% of French people to go to winter sports!

We have set up partnerships with the major ski equipment rental brands in the resort: Intersport, Sport 2000, Go Sport Montagne, Netski, Précision Ski… And we today we have more than 300 partner stores that bring the Simply To Ski concept to life.

 Partner stores

The Simply To Ski Team

Historically Simply To Ski was founded on the premises of the TravelFactory Group where Thomas, the founder of the brand, developed the website for almost 4 years before expanding its team with the arrival of Allan, Cécilia and Amanda.


Thomas, founder and director of Simply To Ski

"Workaholic and champion of good humor, supporter of the ski bar in the sun! "


Allan, Customer Relations Manager

"Compulsive rider, falls back to childhood in front of a snowflake ..."


Cecilia, Production and Partnerships Manager

"Always on top, at work, on the waves or on the slopes, you never stop! "


Amanda, Accounting Manager

"Sweetness and kindness embodied, except when it comes to doing the math! "

We are all obviously at your disposal to answer all your questions or simply to talk about skiing: contact @ simplytoski.com