Who are we?

Passionate about the mountains and skiing, in 2007 we created a ski equipment rental site that worked very well.
Our company was quickly expanding when the phone rang one day...

"Hello ... It's Laurence ... I'm on your site and I do not understand anything ... Which equipment do I choose? What's the difference between the Red range and the Sensation package? Or should I take the Premium ... Which is better the Black or Premium package?”

January 15th, 2009, during our meeting:

- Thomas: "We must change everything. There are too many ranges ... too many technical details ... too much of everything! It must be simple! We must find a simple system."

- Olivier: "It should be that customers reserve their equipment on the site and once in the resort, they can choose their skis in the shop. They can explain their skiing level skiing there and according to needs and sizes, the shop would give them the appropriate equipment."

- Lucie: "Okay, but the customer should not have to pay more. You have to make a single price so all ski ranges are at the same price! No extra charge whether beginner, intermediate or expert skier.”

And that's how Simply To Ski was born!

"Hello ... It's Stéphane. Tell me, do you have plans for ski passes? We have to leave next week but we cannot find discounts on the internet? Do you know a site?"

February 13th, 2014, at the coffee machine

- Thomas: "I had a friend yesterday on the phone. He had trouble finding good deals for ski passes. Wouldn’t it be nice to do that too?"

- Olivier: "Well, why not? We would propose the ski pass for all the resorts, right?

- Lucie: "Yes and we can even make a package with the skipass and the ski rental. It would be easier to buy everything in the same place, no?"

And that is how the Simply To Ski package was born!