Ski lessons

Ski Lessons

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Group lessons
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From 3 to 77 years old, keen beginner or nearly a champion, our ski lessons are adapted to all

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The ESF is our partner for ski lessons.
Who better to learn skiing with than the N ° 1 ski school?

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Child Ski lessons

Piou-Piou club

Dedicated to young children for their first steps and slides on the snow

From 3 to 5 years old

The Piou-Piou Club is the ideal setting for your youngest children. The Snow Garden, a specially designed and decorated area for little ones , here they can try their first slides and learn skiing basics in small groups. With passionate and experienced instructors, the Piou Piou Club guarantees your children will have unforgettable moments in the snow !

Bear club

Have fun as a beginner

From 5 to 6 years old

I am older than 5 years old and have never skied or I have already completed one or two weeks of ski lessons at the Piou-Piou club. I would like to learn how to recognise ski equipment, put on and take off skis on my own and take my first lifts. I wish to control my speed, ski in parallel and master the snow plow, all in a specially designed space where I am able to have fun while beginning to ski (beginner tracks).

Snowflake club

Discover the joys of the first descents

From 5 to 11 years old

I have never skied or have already completed Orson club. I would like to learn how to control speed, brake, stop, make turns in snow plows, develop balance on smooth terrain and soft slopes (green slopes) but also start to glide. I would like to enjoy going at a faster pace down the slopes.

1st Star

I start lessons for older children

From 6 to 12 years old

I have already completed the Snowflake. I can use the snowplow and take the ski lift alone. I would like to learn how to have more balance on low to medium slopes (blue runs), to improve gliding and to master my turns by learning how to take into account other skiers, types of snow and terrain.

2nd Star

I can ski everywhere on easy tracks

From 6 to 11 years old

I have already completed 1st star. I can ski on easy slopes. I would like to learn how to cross bumps and lows while maintaining balance, master turns on medium slopes and glidding sideways.

3rd Star

I can go fast downhill

From 6 to 11 years old

I have already completed 2nd star. I would like to gain confidence and learn how to do parallel ski turns by adapting to other skiers, know the typology of snow and terrain, on short and medium size tracks. I would like to master skiing on varied terrain on red tracks and to perfect my balance during successive turns.

Adult Ski lessons

Lessons for Beginners

Discover the world of ski

From 12 years old and +

I have never skied. I would like to familiarise myself with the equipment, learn to balance on my skis, make turns in snow plow, control my speed and take the lifts.

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Ski Equipment

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